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December 2, 2018 Unitarian Universalist Society: East, Manchester, CT

Mr. Darwin made a lecture entitled “Faith, Religion and Science” at an afternoon tea. His presentation discussed his personal struggles with religious faith and the religious context in which his work developed.


Tea and scones were the order of the day




November 4, 2018 Unitarian Universalist Society: East, Manchester, CT

Mr. Darwin presented two sermons at the 9:00 and 11:00 services. He also told stories about his studies and life to children and adults during the services using his “Bag of Stories."

IMG 3788IMG 3797

Delivering a sermon of hope and understanding

IMG 3783

The “Bag of Stories” is always popular with kids and adults, too!

October 5, 2018 Caveat, New York City

Mr. Darwin attended the Pregame Your Brain: Skype a Scientist event at Caveat, "New York’s newest speakeasy stage for playful, intelligent nightlife.” He told people about his studies of bees and honeycombs and how he had to learn how bees could make their fascinating hexagonal honeycombs using a few simple rules. He had to explain this to support his theory of Natural Selection.

IMG 1487 copy

< The honeycomb exhibit

IMG 4133 copy

                                Talking about bees >

IMG 4155 copy

< My bee

IMG 4148 copy


                   Always interested in nature >

IMG 3658 copy

< Nature seems interested in hiding in Mr. Darwin’s vest.

IMG 3673 copy

             Mr. Darwin finally gets to visit NYC! >

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