Darwin Day at Roaring Brook Nature Center on Fox61

Report on Fox61 evening news, Feb. 10, 2019, about Darwin’s appearance at the Connecticut Coalition of Reason’s Darwin Day event at the Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton, CT.

👈🏽UConn Daily Campus, March 26, 2018; "Morning Tea with Mr. Darwin: Faith, Religion, and Science"

Morning Sentinel, Centralia,    👉🏽Illinois; Mar. 3, 2018; "My Voyage on the Beagle"

👈🏽Dartmouth News, Jan. 23, 2018; Biology 15, Genetic Variation and Evolution class lecture on evidence for speciation

UConn Daily Campus, Oct. 30, 👉🏽2017; "Morning Tea with Mr. Darwin: Big Man on Campus"

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