Darwin Books, Websites, etc.

Large Biographies

  • Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist; Adrian Desmond and James Moore. Warner Books, Inc. 1991.
  • Charles Darwin – Voyaging (Volume 1), Janet Browne. Random House. 1995.
  • Charles Darwin – The Power of Place (Volume 2), Janet Browne. Random House. 2002. 

Small Biographies

  • Darwin’s Origin of Species, Janet Browne. Grove Press. 2006.
  • Darwin, His Daughter & Human Evolution; Randal Keynes. The Berkeley Publishing Group. 2001.
  • The Reluctant Mr. Darwin, David Quammen. W. W. Norton & Co. 2006.

Other books

  • The Voyage of the Beagle: The Illustrated Edition of Charles Darwin’s Travel Memoir and Field Journal; Charles Darwin. Zenith Press. 2015.

Special topic books

  • Charles Darwin: Geologist; Sandra Herbert. Cornell University. 2005.
  • The Politics of Evolution, Adrian Desmond. University of Chicago Press. 1989.
  • Darwin’s Sacred Cause, Adrian Desmond and James Moore. Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt. 2009.
  • Living with Darwin: Evolution, Design, and the Future of Faith; Philip Kitcher, Oxford University Press, 2007

Books about evolution and the history of evolutionary thought

  • Evolution, Edward J. Larson. Modern Library. 2004.
  • Evolution: Making Sense of Life; 2nd Edition, Carl Zimmer and Douglas J. Emlen. Roberts and Company Publishers, Inc. 2016. 


Articles (format: Title. Author. Journal Volume:Pages.Year of publication)

  • Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, directional selection, and the evolutionary sciences today. U. Kutschera. Naturwissenshaften 96:1247-1263. 2009.
  • The Darwin Family. R. B. Freeman. Bioogical Journal of the Linnean Society 17:9-21. 1982.
  • Orchids and Lilacs: Darwin, Lincoln, and Slavery. N. Guyatt. The Nation June 3, 2009.
  • Evolution and the Eucharist: Bishop E. W. Barnes on science and religion in the 1920s and 1930s. P. J. Bowler. The British Journal for the History of Science 31:453-467. 1998.
  • Darwin’s Ambiguity: The Secularization of Biological Meaning. D. Kohn. The British Journal for the History of Science 22:215-239. 1989.
  • Dangerous Darwinism. C. Fleming and J. Goodall. Public Understanding of Science 11:259-271. 2002.
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